Corporate Mission

Established in 1981 to serve the real estate industry as a source of capital and transactional expertise for developers, managers, institutional and entrepreneurial clients. Aztec's primary goals have always been:

To deliver capital to real estate investors and developers
To position and close complex real estate transactions

As one of Florida's real estate leaders, Aztec continually outperforms national real estate companies in structuring the entire capital stack ranging from equity to preferred equity to bridge and construction financing as well as permanent loans. Aztec's success is based upon our team of experienced, market-wise real estate professionals who have diverse institutional and development backgrounds. Our success is enhanced by our intensely focused, innovative approach to serving our divers clients. Aztec views real estate from your perspective -- that of a principal. While our compensation is success fee oriented, we are at our best when we serve as an integral part of your team.


Aztec Delivers

Primary Debt-construction, bridge, mezzanine and permanent financing

Acquisition and Repositioning Equity-preferred equity, and joint venture capital.

We concentrate on rental apartment communities, office buildings, shopping centers, senior/healthcare, and hospitality.

We are well versed in the development and construction process for each property type. We understand the investment criteria and due diligence needed by principals as well as the structure and documentation expected by our lenders. But no successful company can achieve consistently higher results without constantly remaining on the leading edge of change in its industry. As such, Aztec is an innovator, often seeing opportunities for our clients before they become apparent to most.

We are committed to delivering the best possible service!