As Controller of Aztec Group, Inc., Susie Shwake-Fedele has managed the daily operations and financial activities of the company since 1981. More recently, she has also been responsible for the financial accounting of several affiliate investment companies and collaborates with the CFO in partner relations and investment reporting.

Ms. Shwake-Fedele wears several hats as Aztec's corporate Controller. Her responsibilities are diverse and the primary one being “money manager” wherein she oversees Aztec's day-to-day monetary activity and accounting in addition to financial projections, budgeting, insurance, advertising, human resource, employee benefits and pension administration. Furthermore, she is entrusted with the owner's personal finances, banking and insurance needs. Overall, she has contributed significantly to the growth, productivity and ultimate success of one of South Florida's premiere commercial real estate firms.

Prior to Aztec, she served as Office Manager and “right hand” to Ezra Katz in all aspects of development for a Cleveland-based REIT, which eventually involved liquidation of its South Florida assets. Simultaneously, she was busy establishing the new business and setting up the offices of Aztec Group Inc. on behalf of its founder and owner. During the past 28 years and until today, Ms. Shwake-Fedele demonstrates professionalism, integrity and remains dedicated to the company, its clients and partners.

Phone: (305) 854-5000 ext. 219